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marketingIO Overview

B2B Marketing Technology is growing faster than the resources to manage it... 

Managing Your MarTech While You Manage Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Services to Support Your MarTech Stack

Marketing Technology Strategy, Software, Services, Support and Staffing from marketingIO are focused on three areas:

1) Go-to-Market Services, e.g., your Inbound strategy, your Outbound strategy, and/or your Account Based Marketing strategy. 

2) Marketing Operations Services, especially the big 3: CRM, Marketing Automation, and Content Marketing.

3) Marketing Foundation Services support and enhance the upper two layers, from integration to analytics to app dev, and far more.

BTW: marketingIO is vendor-agnostic. We don't have a pony in this race, and want only to find the right solution for your strategy, situation and stack.



Supporting the MarTech You Use

Using Scott Brinker's Marketing Technology Landscape as framework, marketingIO provides the strategy, software, services, support and staffing for these marketing technologies, including:

→ digital tactical marketing tools

→ data/ analytics/ attribution/ reporting

→ integration

→ platforms (CRM, MAP, et al)

→ and DB & app dev.

(Those grayed-out areas. Well, they're not our area of expertise. Can't do everything.)

The marketingIO Process to Supporting Your MarTech

marketingIO's process to support you is conceptually easy, and exceedingly detailed in execution. Here's the 3 step process:

→ After a situational assessment and the development of a strategy, we'll recommend the right software and secure it for you.

→ marketingIO will then create the implementation plan, setup the tool, roll it out and integrate it with other MarTech components.

→ Afterwards, we'll roll out the MarTech tool for you, and rely on installed analytics to create reporting. And with that reporting, we'll continually optimize the environment.





The Genesis

 marketingIO brings together the resources of two companies, iNeoMarketing and Asparian, so that you benefit from a complete array of digital marketing, technology integration and application services. With the combined resources, you now have everything you need to quickly and properly implement your MarTech vision.

The Principals

Joe Rizzo

Joe is marketingIO's MarTech industry expert, as well as MIO's resource for all MarTech applications, from strategy to selection to implementation and usage.

Let us help you with your Marketing Tech challenges.

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